BBC Radio 4  - From Our Own Correspondent

I occassionally contribute to From Our Own Correpondent (or ‘ FOOC' as it’s fondly known by its contributors) on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service

I'm almost certainly better at writing the scripts than reading them out, but to me FOOC is the perfect format: 750 words, which translates to five-minutes of radio. 

I am a real fan of this show and tune in on Saturdays or download the podcast when I travel. Podcasts are available here

My own FOOC’s have covered vodou priests in Haiti, shamans in Kazakhstan, archivists in Ukraine, Bangladeshi tribal kings, brides in Samarkand and master weavers in both Uzbekistan and Bangladesh. I also interviewed the man who designed the Kyrgyz flag. 

Here are links to a few FOOCs I’ve recorded recently:

Kastamonu, Turkey - a passport lost
Kazan - back to the 1980 Summer Olympics
Uzbekistan Tashkent’s golden bread
Odessa - the Brodsky synagogue
Uzbekistan - why no-one marries in May
Kyrgyzstan - nation-building and flags
Uzbekistan - master weavers of Marghilan
Bangladesh - not all mass-market clothes
BangladeshA new Buddhist Raja
KazakhstanMeeting a shaman in Almaty